Homemade Dog Taste Deterrent Spray! DIY

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Homemade Dog Taste Deterrent Spray! DIY

Does your pup constantly like to chew and gnaw on things he shouldn't be??? I know my Bailey does sometimes!!!! When she was a little puppy, she liked to chew on our shoes and anything that would help soothe her teeth! She has chewed on a few of our wooden outdoor furniture fixtures! When we first got Prince, the vet gave us some cream to rub on whatever we didn't want him to chew and it would keep him from chewing it., i think it was called Guk or something.

Heres what you need to make your own taste and chew deterrent spray:
1. spray bottle
2. apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
3. white vinegar

Here what you need to do:
1. Pour 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of white vinegar into the spray bottle.
2. Shake very well and spray on all items you don't want you dog chewing on anymore!

The vinegar or lemon juice provide a bitter and tart taste and most dogs tend to stay away from that as they don't like the taste! LOL Remember to spray your things weekly as the mixture that was previously spray will fade and your dog might start to chew on the stuff again. This mixture is safe and won't damage most surfaces or materials. Also remember to reinforce good behavior and also bad behavior as well! All dogs are not the same and some may not react to this spray and some may become tolerant to the taste as well. Just make sure you are aware of these situations so your things don't end up chewed again!

I have all these ingredients and a spray bottle and I cant wait to try this out with Bailey!
Thanks for reading guys!!! =]


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I used to have a cat called Bailey. Homemade Dog Taste Deterrent Spray! DIY He was a ginger tom and he was the 2nd best cat I ever had. We had him since a kitten and he had an awesome personality. The first best cat I ever had was Tommy and he was a tommy cat. He was a bar cat. When we had a pub he used to sit on the bar all day lol. The regulars and families that came to the restaurant to eat would always look out for him. He was quite famous lol

Random cat facts aside, I've also have two great danes in the past and they like to chew EVERYTHING! There wasn't nothing that wasn't locked down or locked away that they wouldn't chew through. I had a new pair of trainers once, I wore them for 2 days. By the 3rd day, Hickory had completely munched one of them so I had to throw them away. I was gutted. But he used to chew everything from remotes to hair spray cans to everything else including chairs and table legs in the restaurant!

I think we actually did get some spray stuff but it used to leave this sticky residue on everything and everything would be really sticky! Does this leave the same sticky residue on stuff after Ermini? In the end he grew out of it but we had to spend a lot on training and dog chew toys Homemade Dog Taste Deterrent Spray! DIY

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OMG! great danes, those dogs are HUGE!

this spray shouldn't leave a sticky residue, I've used vinegar and lemon juice before for cleaning countertops and stuff and it has never left any kind of residue. i cant wait to try this, Bailey is so stubborn!

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I am a dog owner, and my dog liked to chew things especially socks and shoes. The only way I have been doing to avoid this is by locking my shoes and socks in a drawer. I use vinegar in various ways, however, I did not know about this kind of use. I am going to try this white vinegar with lemon juice as a taste deterrent spray for my dog. You say spray weekly. Are you say the taste will remain for a week?

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This is also my problem since I got a dog. Everytime I noticed my dog to chew on my things, I changed places of it. But when the morning comes, my dog already found it or found another things. I am so stressed everytime I saw my dog chew on my things. So this homemade dog taste deterrent spray is the best solution to my problem. I am glad I saw this DIY thing.

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