100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can't Live Without

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100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can't Live Without

Christmas is a coming! And it's everyone's favorite time of year. Well most peoples anyway lol. And some people are in such a rush and doing last minute shopping and preparations to get things "just right" ready for the big day. And that's what you will need these Christmas life hacks for! 100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

Now traditionally, I'd do a really long post with x amount of life hacks in it. And I'm going to leave you with some. But I won't overwhelm you when you're already pressed for time so I'll do some at a time. You can call these Christmas Life Hacks 1-5. Hopefully, we can do more of these and try to create 100 Christmas Life Hacks that would be awesome. 100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

So here's 5 Clever Christmas Life Hacks you can't live without!

1. Santa's Footprints

This first one is more of a comical one and is great if you've got kids if you want to see their faces light up like the Christmas tree! lol

100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

Yes just put a pair of shoes down and then sprinkle them with some icing sugar and they'll never stop believing in Santa again! Apparently. I'm not sure how true that is for all people who reach 5 but still. It will surely put a look of awe on their faces and that moment will be priceless! Did your folks ever do this trick to you when you was young? Or will you be using it on your kids now this Christmas? 100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

2. Snow Slime

Again this next one is great if you have kids that love snow but it doesn't snow and you want to give them some arts and craft experience by making snow slime! I really like the look of this shine! Maybe those stars have been photo shopped I don't know but it looks like it would be a fun experience to try it out and making it!

So even if it snows or doesn't, you can create some slime snow! It's apparently icy cold to the touch and sparkly white plus the way this is made makes it all stretchy and moldable in ways you can't with real snow without it melting in your hands.

Snow Slime Recipe - How to Make it

2 cups of chilled white school glue or silver glitter glue.
3/4 teaspoons of chilled borax.
1 & 1/2 cups of very warm water.
A few drops of peppermint extract.

Combine that all together in a small bowl.

In a second bowl mix and combine;
3/4 teaspoons of chilled borax.
1 & 1/3 cups very warm water.

Then combine and mix both bowls together well. This should create a nice slimy consistency that glitters and and shines like sparkly slime snow that tingles with a fresh and clean minty scent.

Don't you just want to dip your fingers in this stuff!?

100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

3. Candle in a Jar

Okay this one's a little bit more practical and is more meant for those that meant well but wasn't able to get what you wanted. For those that want to find a last minute, gift idea. Or for those that want to give something handmade instead. Actually, giving handmade gifts is really big and a trending thing as it's really nice to give someone something handmade rather than something from the store. So if you're looking for some thing you can give to someone as a gift and happen to have some old empty glass jars lying around this should come in handy and they do look pretty cool! 100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

Of course! The old candle in a jar gift! Mate, 100 years ago, if someone gave you that as a gift it would be like someone paying for a years worth of heating today. But these come in many different designs and you can look online for ideas and inspiration and create one that is themed to something or just a nice Christamassy one. 100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

You can get really creative with these and they're a great arts and crafts experience with your kids that you can give as gifts to your friends and family. Whether you're on a budget or not!

4. Snowmen Cheese String

This is a foody one and a great way to make snowmen cheese strings! Just get some cheese strings and draw snowmen on them!

100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can
Image from: 14 Christmas Life Hacks To Rock Your World.

5. Shrink Wrap Your Tree

If the holidays are just a bit too much for you and you don't want to have to take all the Christmas decorations down from the tree and put them away with the rest of the decs. Then perhaps this bright ideal might appeal to you? It's simple as it looks.
100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

Just shrink wrap your tree in some cellophane wrapping. Simples! Then next year, all you'll need to do is unwrap it and you wont have to hang all the decs on it. Although it might need a bit of a "puff and a spruce" as my old man used to say. Genius.

Okay that's 5 Christmas Life Hacks! Hope you like them?

Let me know and I'll do more or feel free to add your own! 100 Christmas Life Hacks You Can

Thanks and joyeux Noel!



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My family and I do not celebrate holidays and such for religious reasons but being a life hacker these are actually some really awesome tips for families who do! I do like the idea of the Santa footprints....thats pretty cool. As a kid i remember just leaving out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer....LOL and getting a scribbled note from Santa in return!

That snow slime is cool and looks easy to make! I will be putting that on my list of things to do with the kids this winter! LOL The candle in a jar is just great and doesn't have to be just a Christmas thing, that is what i like most about that part of it! You could really make any kind of winter themed pictures and it would look awesome on a nice snowy night, lighting up in your window! Shrink wrapping the tree is by far the best one i have seen! That is such a good idea for those folks who may not have all that time to put it up every year. But i do know that alot of families take the tree decorating very seriously and like to have a whole family gathering when putting the tree up and decorating it. I remember as a kid and even teenager, my mom always made it very clear that we were to participate and listen to Christmas songs and drink that good ole egg nog while we decorated. It was always a good time and great for spending quality time with the family!!

Thanks for sharing these Mike, I would like to see some more of these if you have them!!

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I like it! I am always worrying what decorations I'm going to use when christmas season comes. So I always look for something new in every year. I will try these 5 life hacks. I hope you can give more of them.

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Amazing hacks. I think Christmas traditions are different across cultures and geographical locations. In most first world countries the Christmas activities begin way before Christmas. In my country, we have no countdown to Christmas as such. We basically for the day get new clothes, we have parties where we overindulge with our loved ones.The most important tradition on this day is going to mass or church.

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All hacks are perfect for Christmas, and I mostly like the number 3 which is the candle on jar where you'd draw something on a jar that will gave you this Christmas vibes and feels. I remember making this candle in a jar for Halloween but I didn't know that it actually looks good on a Christmas too, like you just need to draw a Christmas, Santa Claus or anything related to it and then you're good to go.

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Seriously the wrapping tree is the best one, that's hilarious and so creative at same time. Also, the home made candle jars are so easy to make. For sure my little cousins will be happy to do their own candles. They will be more excited with the Santa footprints, but I'm not going to spend Christmas day cleaning sugar all over the house. Thanks for this hacks, definitively I will do some of them, my family will love them.

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Great hacks for Christmas, this is real creativity.Love all the hacks, especially the slow slime,look small but looks a bit easy to me, even the candle jars looks splendid and a great thing to will really add fun to a special day like the Christmas day.

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The snow slime hack is the best. It does not snow in my country and it will be fun to make something like that with my nephew and niece. They will definitely love it. I have been making D.I.Y Christmas decorative jars for quite some time and this is a bit time consuming to make but the end results are just amazing. I have to admit that I find it a herculean task to decorate the Christmas tree each year and I would love to try the last hack but my sister won't agree on this.

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