Renting out spare rooms or even garages and outbuildings to raise cash for Christmas

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Renting out spare rooms or even garages and outbuildings to raise cash for Christmas

In this method I want to share and talk about, it involves you renting out a spare room in your home or even a garage or some other out building to a temporary lodger. I'm not talking about renting full time to someone, but rather temporarily during the Christmas season.

During the Christmas holidays and leading up to New Years Eve, a lot of people like to visit their folks or stay with some friends to celebrate them with. But they might not be able to get somewhere to stay for whatever reason.

And if you have a spare room going, or some other place that's habitable by someone for a while. Whether it's a summer house or an old converted garage or something. You could potentially rent that out for the Christmas holidays to a temporary lodger.

The way to do this is to use Airbnb. Using Airbnb you can list up your room for rent on the site and put all the details about it like its location, some pictures of the actual room. What terms or rules you might have. Such as no parties or pets whatever. Then people can bid on that room using the Airbnb site.

Renting out spare rooms or even garages and outbuildings to raise cash for Christmas

How Much Can You Earn in Rent with Airbnb?

It really depends on your area where you live and how much demand there is to live in that area. If you just want to find out first before you sign up and become a host. You can pop your area into the checker and it will tell you roughly how much in rent you can charge per week. You'll have to choose whether it's the entire building, just a private room or even a shared room and it will give you an average price to charge.

Visit the host price checker tool:

To get an estimated, average price that you can charge. You'll have to register on the site if you want to be an actual host and create your listing. But you will probably get bids by people who need a place to stay for a few days or even longer.

If you're happy to do that, and I do believe it's quite safe with Airbnb, then you could well be quids in by doing this and it could help you raise some extra cash for Christmas.

And who knows, you might even meet some new people and make some new friends.

Have you ever rented out your room to people to make money before?

Or have you / do you use Airbnb and have any reviews or feedback on it?


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this is actually a really cool idea and m husband and i were thibking about doing this. we have 2 garages on our property, one we use for bitcoin mining and the other one just has our ATVs and lawn equipment. and that one we could most likely try to rent out to people as a storage place but the only thing im not too fond of, is having whoever is renting come on my property whenever they want. although Bailey does really well with barking at strangers and people she doesnt know or havent met before so im sure she would let us know if those renters were trying to do anything fishy. LOL

although i would never rent out a room in my house to a stranger because i have kids but i think if i haf my own place with some extra room, i would definitely try to rent it out for extra cash. that site is interesting, something ive never seen before and i like the way you can bid on it! thats pretty cool but also could be very unfortunate if you get a bidder who is trying to raise the price on somebody and doesnt really want the place.

thanks for sharing all these cool ways to make money Mike! keep them coming!!

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It is really cool idea. I have seen it working very well in some big and overcrowded cities like Sydney where it's very hard to find parking spot at business hours specially, so people start renting their front yards on hourly or daily basis and it is so good.
Some guys also made mobile application for that purpose so you can anytime search and find some available parking spot near you, when you are in city. Soooo Cool

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wow that is really cool!!! and whoever made that app is probably making alot of money off of it! lol

super smart of people with a lot of space on their property to rent out a few spaces for the day! i bet there are alot of people that do that. i wonderbif people in NYC do that, they would make so much money renting out a piece of their yard for the day. even if you get 1 person to park there for a lengthy amount of time, it benefits each person!

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Oh yesss, these few guys become really reach in no time. Popular too though Renting out spare rooms or even garages and outbuildings to raise cash for Christmas

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This is a good one,renting out spare spaces is the way out to male a bit of money during the Yuletide. instead of living the space bare,one can make some money from it.

This way there's no wastage of space,and of course some extra bucks in the pocket.

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It's a great idea and I'm sure that there are a lot of people that already do this. Airbnb is a great service that makes everything about temporarily renting out spare rooms, garages or outbuildings extremely easy. It's a great way to raise some extra cash for Christmas or even as disposable income all year round. Who wouldn't like some extra cash for a room that they might not even be using at all? Just be remember to be careful about who you bring into your house.

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If you have the opportunity of making money with the property you posses, I see nothing actually wrong with it as long as you don't sacrifice the ones that you or your family is meant to use for their own purposes.

Christmas season comes with lots of activities and as such there is no better time to take advantage of a business opportunity and make money while it's possible and quick.

Personally I would make most of my opportunities worth it with absolutely taking advantage of any slight chance of making money with my free spaced properties that I am not making any use of at the moment.

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Sounds like a great idea in theory but I could never rent my place out to strangers. Not that much trust in the world man. I would not feel comfortable charging friends or relatives to bunk with me for a few days or weeks. It's a crazy world we live in, renting your place out to people you don't know has financial benefits for some. But what if they turn out to be crazy or something?

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Yes we tried this kind of method earning some extra cash I was during my parents house because it was So big we have 8 bed rooms up and down house. and my mother decided to make a rental room available inside our house just 5 bed rooms and then our room get easily fill up with students lodger so we earn some extra cash out of it.

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Not a bad idea I mean why not if through this you can earn some money then why not?? Many people are looking for this kind of idea and if you have the rooms or an abandoned rooms maybe you can clean it up then make it available for some rental space.

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