4 Ways Dogs Sleep And What It Means...

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4 Ways Dogs Sleep And What It Means...

I came across these cool ways to figure out the position your dog sleeps in and what it means!! I thought this was really cool because even humans can be described by the way they sleep.

1. The side sleeper. I have seen a lot of dogs sleep this way and both Bailey and Prince sleep like this sometimes! So sleeping this way reveals that your dog is really comfortable with their surroundings and aren't really high maintainence.

2. The snuggly fox position (curled up like a ball) This position is actually one of the most common position dogs sleep in. Our little morkie Prince always sleeps like this. Sleeping like this usually means they are conserving their body heat and protecting their limbs and neck and all vital organs.

3. The superman position. When we first got Bailey, she would sleep like this all the time!!! Sleeping this way just makes it easier for them to just spring up into action!

4. The crazy leg position. Although this position always is so funny to see, but it just mean you dogs is very confident and secure with themselves and their home environment.

Pretty cool huh? I never knew that these positions meant something and they are really interesting actually! Now i can tell what my dogs are feeling just by the way they are sleeping!! I really enjoyed writing this one, i hope you all enjoyed reading it! Thank you for reading everyone!!


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Aww thanks for posting this Ermini! I never really had any idea about any of that when it comes to the different positions your dog sleeps in. My dog sometimes does the superman position. It looks really funny when he's lying on his belly with his back legs stretched outwards and his front legs and paws facing forwards. It kind of looks like he's defying all normal physics when he does that. He mostly does that at the top of the stairs when I'm in the bath or something.

Sometimes I think he does it just because he knows it makes him look cute and he might get a treat or something lol. He gets enough treats though and too many and too much sometimes. Today he never eat his dinner that was put down for him and even though we had a roast dinner ourselves, it was about the first time since we've had him that we've not given him anything. We think it could be that we're giving him too many treats and food off our own plates the reason why he's not eating his own food.

He's only a rescue dog. A border terrier. He's okay most of the time but sometimes he's naughty. He keeps sneaking into my room and stealing my socks and things and then hiding them somewhere in the house. He does it so you'll chase him around so he's only playing but it's a pain in the butt sometimes and just annoying when I don't have the time, or the energy to chase him lol 4 Ways Dogs Sleep And What It Means...

Anyway, thanks for sharing these great dog sleeping tips!

Oh what does it mean when your dog is sleeping on his back with all his paws in the air? I guess that would come under the crazy leg position right? 4 Ways Dogs Sleep And What It Means...



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haha, your dog sounds like hes a character!! and yes if you are giving him too many treats and table food, he definitely wont eat his dog food. that actually happened to us and our dog Prince. normally after every supper, i would give him all the scraps from every ones plate as his dinner, but then he started expecting it and acting crazy every time we sat down for supper. and then eventually he stopped eating his dog food in hopes of always getting some yummy table scraps. LOL so when that happened, i stopped giving him table food and it took him about a day to realize that he better eat his dog food because there isn't any other form of food coming to him. haha

i have no clue either what each position meant and that it even meant anything! i knew you could figure out things like that with humans, but i never thought about being able to figure out dogs sleeping positions. and the crazy leg position, would be that one...laying their back and having their legs up and all over the place!!

thank you for sharing about you dog and thank you for responding. im glad you found it interesting like i did!

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Is this for real,never knew that dogs sleeping connote anything,because my dogs don't have any sleeping pattern or position.They sleep anyhow or maybe I haven't really taken conisance of this.
will try to find out their sleeping position was now on and see how each sleeps.

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Wait dog sleeping positions actually mean something? I think i do the superman sometimes when i sleep, Prince does the fox one. He could be doing this for limbs and vital organs protection? Are these sleeping positions of a fox or a wolf? Maybe both animals sleep like this it is very interesting because dogs once where wild animals only. The closest animal we have to the domesticated dog is the Dingo. This dog looks like a normal household pet but the jaws will rip you apart. I wonder how the dingo sleeps....

So if humans sleep in certain positions then that could mean something too rite? I wonder what each position means maybe you could do another topic about that!? So many things i would love to learn about sleep because i don't get enough of it. Maybe i can go to a research place and stay for a night so they can study my sleep with little probes on my head. I think i have some insomnia, who knows how i function will all these issues lol!

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yes!! isn't that so cool!! i was like no way! Prince is always in that position, maybe something is hurting him that's why he does that because he sleeps on his side sometimes and sometimes on his back! Bailey does the super man one!!!!! and as little pup is was so cute, haven't seen her do it much as she is getting older though. =[

and yea, if you sleep in certain positions it means something! i will definitely look into those because i would love to know what they mean!! i only sleep on my stomach or on my sides. i dont like sleeping on my back and when i was pregnant, it was so hard getting used to sleeping on your back when you dont normally. LOL

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My dog is a side sleeper. I didn't know there was a meaning behind the way they sleep. My dog is rescued and she has never done this crazy legs position not even when we are playing. I guess she was mistreated before and she doesn't trust 100% in humans even thought she feels comfortable and secure with us as she can be very playful and loving.

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Wow, this is an interesting analysis of dogs sleeping posture. I have never cared about dogs posture while sleeping, I never thought there was any meaning attached to that but I have seen that I am quite in the wrong.

My grandmother's dog is a side sleeper, and from what you just explained about the meaning of side sleeper posture I couldn't help but agree more with you that it shows that the dog is quite comfortable in his surrounding.

This is a very good findings, maybe I would take it to my Facebook fan page so that I educate and inform others of what they actually never knew is happening around them.

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I am a god owner. Sometimes my dog sleeps in a supine position, what does this sleeping position imply? I understand the side position and snuggly position, however, what do you mean when you say Superman position and crazy position? can you please elaborate on these sleeping position.

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That was a cool information regarding dogs. I always thinking why dogs sleep like that. Now that I know the reason why, I can understand more my dog and take care of them more. I love dogs.

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My dog actually sleeps in different positions. To be honest I never bothered about the sleeping positions. Thank you for sharing about this. I will now carefully watch my dog's sleeping positions. I have not really seen my dog in the crazy leg position. That would be fun to see.

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