Should you have a hidden nanny cam?

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Should you have a hidden nanny cam?

I remember when my mom used a babysitter for my brother and I when we were small. My mom worked the evening shift at the nursing home in the town we lived in. My mom had a friend, whose daughter was a high school kid trying to make some extra money. The first couple of times she babysat us, she was cool, fun and i liked her but one night my mom left for work and my brother was upset and wouldn't stop crying. She ended up sending him to bed with no supper that night. Once my mom found that out, let's just say she never came to our house again after that! LOL Thank God, that was the only thing she did. Imagine her getting so upset with my brother and hitting him?

Crazy to imagine that right? Well, believe it or not, it happens so often with babysitters, nannies, and even day care workers. So many case of child abuse have been on the news the last few years and these nannies who are supposed to be like a mother figure to these children when their mother is absent, were not taking their jobs seriously. Children were being beat and mistreated and they were too young to let anyone know! How sad. It makes me sick the way other people can treat children.

So with all this happening some people actually set up hidden cameras in their house so they can see what is going on when they're not there. Alot of families find very disturbing things on these nanny cams and end up firing their nannies or even worse getting them arrested and charged! These kind of things being spread all around the internet, makes me so skeptical of me ever sending my children to daycare and if a babysitter is needed, my family watches my children. If i had no choice and had to settle on a babysitter or nanny, you bet your butt i would be putting cameras all over the place! I would make them visible too, so they know not to even try to mess with my kids!I do not take any chances with strangers, especially with all these child abuse and child cruelty cases happening so often.

Has anyone heard of these horrible things going on? Does anyone have a nanny or use a babysitter? If so, do you use a nanny cam when they are with your children?

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This is so true you cannot trust anyone these days not even family in some cases. I am so happy that we do not need to have a babysitter and that we both work from home thanks to listingdock and seoclerks. I could not imagine the stress it would cause me wondering if my kids where being beaten or mistreated. if we needed to hire a baby sitter or nanny i would certainly install cameras so if this person hurts my children i will know before the police do. The worst thing in the world you can do is mess with someones kids. I was reading this and i wanted to search for a video to give an example of what its like dealing with this type of situation.

If this was my child the camera and police would be the last thing she would have to worry about:

Insane rite?

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yea thats ridiculous. no child deserves that, no matter what they did. you cant trust anyone and youre right that includes family which is horrible, you should always be able to trust family. it gets my blood boiling when people act this way towards innocent children and babies.

if we ever needed a babysitter and it was someone we didn't know very well, the whole house would be rigged with visible cameras, hidden cameras, and anything else we feel we need to be some what comfortable leaving the kids with them. even websites like had some bad incidents circling around facebook and the internet, that people were lying on their profiles and pretending to be other people. its so sad and scary that people do this and because these people do bad thing and scare children, it makes it so hard to raise children in this world without being scared of everything. Im very honest and open with my kids, i dont sugar coat things so with that being said my 5 year old is very attentive and listens well to my husband and i especially when we are out in public. she knows that not everyone is nice and that there are some people out there that arent very nice at all..

thanks jkeyz for the video, makes me angry to see that especially to a baby....18 months old.!!!!! come on. i mean i can understand frustration but she didnt even try to walk away and calm herself down before returning to the child. grrrr!

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When facilities are there why not use them? My friend has one connected to her mother-in-laws property who lives alone. They live in different cities and with the cctv she has control over who comes and who goes which is good for both. That there is a cctv should be known to others so that they know they will be caught should they have plans.
With babysitters it is a must as most cannot be trusted.

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Would probably depend on the person you are hiring to babysit your kid or baby. If you are hire people which you don't know, then you should always or rather it's important that you should get a CCTV or spy cams just for that matter. CCTVs are overrated so I would suggest getting a spy cam instead since you can always hide them efficiently without the nannies knowing. Sometimes, it's better for them not to know that you have such device in your household so that you would really know what they are truly up to.

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well, it all boils down to trust issues , the person you hiring should be a good person, someone you are familiar with, in most cases you can get a relative, to do the job. to prevent this types of wickedness. in terms of a stranger, i will get a cam and also a dog. to watch out for this kind of cruelty.and know what they have up their sleeves. and all thesame trust no one.

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Absolutely yes, to have a nanny cam has got a lot of advantages than disadvantages. Apart from investigating whether there is a case of child abuse, you can always use it to monitor your child's behavior when you are away from home. As a backup to investigation as evidence of the video once they are cases of child abuse or identifying suspects in case of a break and entry case

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These days people/nannies are terrible that it falls on one to use anything for safe guard of one's child or children.I see some footage online of Nannies maltreating children kept in their custody and I begin to wonder what an innocent or helpless child would have done to the nanny.This is quite sad.

To your question,yes,it of utmost importance and should be done immediately for a child's safety.

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I think it wouldn't hurt to have a hidden nanny cam. If you own one, then use it. We work hard to be able stuff for our house so it wouldn't hurt to monitor the nanny for any suspicious behavior. You're letting a stranger into your house so gotta make sure that the person is trustworthy.

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In my opinion having a hidden cam in your home, is a good way of monitoring your child and your nanny.Its not because you don't trust your nanny but its for the children to monitor on what they do.Many cases that you don't know who is wrong and what is the problem, in that way you will know what is the truth behind the story.

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Yes! If you love your child or baby you should monitor what the nanny is doing to your child. If the nanny do anything to harm your child, there is now an evidence. Just refrain from being caught and hide the camera in the area that is hard to notice.

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It all boils down to trust and mutual respect. Your child could still get abused by even your closest family members. If you must let your child be with someone then that person should be very trustworthy

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I think it depends on the nanny one employed. If you think your nanny is not trust worthy or that she might be abusing your kids or stealing some of your property, then I think it's wise to have a hidden nanny camera.

This would allow you the opportunity to monitor your nanny and be security cautious about your kids and property. Some many people have actually been duped and robbed by their nanny, so I think a hidden nanny camera is not a big deal. It is a necessary necessity.

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Being a mother, I would definitely suggest this to all parents who leave their babies and kids to another person. It's not about just getting your babies safe, but also to know what happened to your kids when you were away. While there are numerous stories of abuse from the nannies to the kids, there are also accidents that can happen that might be unexplained, but if you record that incident, your queries can be answered. There are a lot of benefits you can get from installing cameras to your home. I've also seen a story wherein there was a thief who came in to the house with only the baby sitter and the kid in, and it was all caught on the camera. It gives the details and will give you comfort knowing the turth every day that happens to your kids.

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Yes! This is a must have! This is the best way to know if you're child is safe while you are away. Even you think you can trust your hired nanny, you should still watch about her moves. You can never tell if they are only pretending to be good in front of you, then do something bad behind. Better yet, have your cctv installed if you will hire nanny for your baby, and once they do bad, you will have evidence too.

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Nanny cams are as necessary as diapers, for parents who leave their babies with babysitters. I worked in a child rights organization once upon a time and the stories I heard were horrendous.

A babysitter forced a child, to eat and when the kid refused she kicked the poor little boy in the head and slapped his cheeks. This was only discovered because the parents put a nanny cam in the house. The babysitter was arrested and charged with assault.

A two-year-old was also being sexually assaulted by his babysitter. The images of those assaults were so disgusting, my co-worker actually threw up after watching them. In this case, the parents failed to check the images for about six months and the abuse continued for that period. The babysitter was charged with sexual abuse. She was found guilty because of the nanny cam. She is waiting to be sentenced.

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I take care of my own kids from young. Never trusted any baby sitters or maids. However it is wise for those who are hiring other people to care for their kids to install hidden CCTV at home, just to ensure that your darlings are not abused at home. With recorded videos, you can report to police or shame them on Youtube

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Yes I agree that there must be a hidden nanny cam in the house. Because you didn't know what your nanny will do if your not in the house. So it is safe to have hidden cams. It is a way to protect your kids as well as the house.

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Unfortunately these days, it's a necessity for any responsible parent or parents. Lots of bad people out there, and some of them are people who babysit. Babysitting is as much about the job itself as it is about the pay. Many people however do not understand this. They see it as easy money. Sit around and read a mag or watch tv for a few hours, check on the baby or child from time to time. Piece of cake. But children are human beings and at times get irritated, angry, sad, fussy, etc. When that happens, the sitter doesn't always handle it the right way and responds in anger. Always need to catch this on video before the next time you hire them, they end up hurting your child.

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Well yes this might be a good idea and besides if your nanny has this kind of hidden cam youll gonna see what their doing and you can find out if they will doing their job right.

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For me, it really depends if the nanny you're gonna get is from your close relatives, which you've known for a long time or from the stranger but has a background of taking care of a child or kid before. If my nanny would be from my close relatives then, probably I wouldn't buy or install any hidden cams to my child's bedroom because of the reason that they believe that you trust them 100% and the reason that if they messed up or do something wrong to your child, like you've just thrown some good memories you had. But getting a stranger nanny would probably be okay for me, but if I noticed something wrong with my child then probably it's the time I need to install some hidden cam.

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Trust is not something that can be earned by just a couple of meetings or knowing someone who lives close by. Trust is even more difficult with people you closely know.

About the nanny cam thing, I don't think its a bad idea. But it all comes down to who the nanny is. If it's for instance my Mum, sister or someone of blood that I really trust, I don't think a nanny cam would work for me. I have no stain on trust for them. But for someone I barely know a nanny cam is a must do.

But again, a nanny cam can still not be a good choice not that it's a bad Idea. Some things are just not meant to be seen. And besides everyone does crazy things when their alone. Things that might not harm anyone per say. Things that don't need to be seen others.

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This is one of the reasons why my husband is so reluctant of not having me around the house and go out and work. He is so afraid of other people,even with his family members, hurt our kids. Which I agree about so I had to settle on working at home. Even when we go to the groceries and have to leave one of the kids behind, he'll be too anxious about going home so fast, very afraid that something bad might happen to our child.

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Surveillance and hidden cam are essential nowadays specially when you want to know your whats happening to your family. There are news and stories that some nanny's do mistreat their kids and the only way to capture that is through surveillance. It might be too much for someone, but for me its better to have a cam than to be sorry.

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Hate to say it but given the fact that a lot of nannies end up sleeping with daddy, when they should be taking care of the kinds ... YEAH! I think there should a be hidden nanny cam.

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