5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play

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5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play

Okay so yesterday I posted 25 Funny Christmas Party Games. And posted 5 games to get you started. I said that the first ones would be more for kids and then they'll be more for adults. So here's a few more for kids because kids make Christmas special!

6. Snowman Slam!

5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play


Snowman Slam is very much like the Snowman bowling game I posted earlier. So if you liked that, and your kids like playing it, you might like to play Snowman Slam too! The way it works is super easy and super easy to make. You just need 6 Styrofoam or plastic cups, then using some crafting paper, put little eyes and a mouth and carrot shaped nose on them. Stack them up into a pyramid shape so you have 3 cups on the bottom, then 2 on top of them and then 1 on the top. Then you need to throw a makeshift snowball at them! Whoever can knock them all over with 3 balls first is the winner! To make the balls you can just fill an old (clean) white sock with some foam balls or even some old stuffing from an old teddy bear or something.

7. Pin Rudolph's Nose
Have you ever played pin the tail on the donkey game? Isn't it funny when people get it wrong? Well you can play the same game only this time, you'll have to pin Rudolph's red nose on the board instead! You can use an old cork board, or even some thick cardboard will do the job. Draw on or cut some antlers from some crafting paper. Two black circles for the eyes and a mouth. Then stick some pins through some red noses and while wearing a blindfold and spin around 2 times, they have to stick on the red nose. Whoever is closest to the middle is the winner!
5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play


8. Santa Piñata
Have you ever played Piñata before? It can be a lot of fun for kids. But here's a Christmas twist version! Instead of playing with a Piñata doll. Make a Santa Piñata instead. You'll have to make the Santa Piñata but it can be made pretty easily just using some old cardboard and cardboard tubes for the arms and legs. Then stuff it full of treats, sweats and snacks and things. Then all the kids take it in turns to whack the Santa Piñata until all the sweets and treats inside come tumbling out. Much to their delight. 5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play
5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play

9. Toss a Ring
Okay everyone has played this game. Probably at fairs and carnivals and those fund raiser events your local amenities hold. It's super easy to set up and play and can be tons of fun. All you need is to create some rings from some cardboard wrapped in red paper (even some wrapping paper) then you can make some wooden poles with a ping pong ball on top of it inserted into wooden stand (might need to get dad to do this). Then you have to throw the rings over the poles (obviously). The first person to successfully land a ring on all 3 of the poles is the winner and should get a treat!
5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play


10. Feed the Snowman
I love this one and anyone else that thinks they're a bit of a crack shot will do too. It's as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is make a snowman with a hole in its head (its big wide open mouth) and also a hole in its belly a bit bigger. Then you have to throw make shift snowballs into the holes. You give 20 points for getting it in his mouth and 10 points for getting it in his belly. The first person to score the most points with 3 throws is the winner. And of course, should get a treat for it!

5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play


Okay that's another 5 more for you. I've actually got a lot of these I know about and since they're a lot of fun for kids to play I'll post some more soon for you. 5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play

Hope you like them! Have you ever played any of these Christmas games?


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nice!! i love the snowman slam!! these remind me of some of those carnival games!!! its really cool that whoever created this, was able to use the idea of those kinds of familiar games and put their own twist on it! feed the snowman looks so funny! the opening for the balls to go through is perfectly in line with where his mouth should be! it made me laugh! =] keep these coming Mike! i love these ideas!

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Thanks Ermini I know right! It looks like his actual mouth. Wide open and ready to be pelted with snow balls! But yeah they're all fun games to play and super easy to make too. It just goes to show, you don't need to have a lot of money and have to buy expensive games to still have fun at Christmas with your family. 5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play

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We have our own way of play games on christmas. Like, banana swing, it is common game in the Philippines, especially in rural area. We always have our own way of play games, which so fun to the children. They always wanted to play games on group. Many of residential compounds in Philippines are divergent to make games.

Though, the game you mention above doesn't exist, in Philippines. I still appreciated it, because as long it is fun, it always be fun, no matter what happens. The only reason, I think, we done it, because it is the best month of our year.

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wow! nice post thank you for this tips i will highly recommend this party games to my older brother who is planning to celebrate his 5 years old kid, this game is fun for them to play the mechanics to are great not so stressful but full of action and energy to play. my favorite game is the toss a ring it will train your instimation technique for that game.

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Nice games for kids especially during the holidays, they have ample time to play while the parents are given space to prepare food and other side chores.In my locality, we have got our own exciting kid's plays.We having catching didgg,musuline biggs and konto sizing.All these games is a delight for my country's kids any day and any time.

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Wow! that was awesome games. Here in my country (Philippines) we have also our own version of games for kids. How I wish we have snow here so we can make a snowman because I know the kids will enjoy snow man slam I think it was cool. We do play Piñata here but it's not made of Santa it is usually a bell or in a horse form. We have also Toss a Ring here but it was usually played in amusement park.

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I love holiday games especially with my nieces and nephews and my son. We usually play Jenga or the Tumblin' Monkeys. This coming holiday season, I am planning on bringing the Bad Dog game for us to play and I'm thinking of upping the game by bringing in prizes for the winners and building a team.

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These games would definitely be a great thing of fun to kids and I'm quite certain that they would enjoy it very much well. Christmas is meant to be fun celebration as it signifies the birth of personal Lord and savior, Jesus. So therefore, any thing that would put joy and happiness on the faces of one's family members and friends is worth it. Be it games of any sort, as long as it's a healthy one I definitely recommend it to be played with all commitment and flair.

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Thank you for sharing these game ideas for Christmas. I experienced playing pin rudolph's nose when I was young (at my cousin's party), but that game isn't that popular here in my country. What we have here for kids are trip to jerusalem, bring me(bring things that the host asks), hampas palayok (hitting a hanging pot while blind folded), Stop dance, paper dance and many more. These are the common games we have for kids during party.

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All are great and exciting games but I will probably go with the one where you pin rudolph's nose or any parts. This game reminds me so much about my childhood where we always play this game especially on my birthday. We did laugh and cry(because of non stop laughing), this game is so amazing and I will never forget this game.

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Nice this is great,and its lovely to have this kind of games that can be a source of laughter during holidays.

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Those are really cool games to play on a special event, especially, Christmas. But I would recommend a game here in the Philippines called, "Pinoy Henyo" (Philippine Genius).

Pinoy Henyo: Mechanics

1. Groups are composed of 2 members: the one who will guess the word/phrase and the other is the one who will respond to the guesser.
2. They will pick a number and that number corresponds to a word/phrase that they will be guessing.
3. The guess word is written on a piece of paper/cardboard or anything and stick it to the guesser's forehead. The group must sit three meters away from each other to avoid cheating.
4. They will be given strictly 2 minutes only to guess the word/ Phrase. The timer will start automatically after the word/phrase is seen
5. If it so, the one who will respond must only say: YES, NO, and MAYBE. There will be no other words to answer or else 5 seconds will be added to their time.
6. When the group finally guesses the word, the timer will be stopped and the recorder will note the group’s time. If they have deductions, it would be added to their end time. The computed end time would be the final result of their end time.
7. All the groups who reach the time and did not guess the mystery word/phrase will be automatically eliminated
8. People/groups caught coaching or cheating will be automatically disqualified.
9. Tie Breaker: for the groups who have the same end time, they will be guessing another word. The group with the shortest time of guessing will proceed to the final round.

Tips: You can start your question by asking like, "Person, Place, Things, Foods" until you can narrow it down to the right answer. Good Luck! 5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play

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I like this games for christmas. It is perfect to play with everyone. I will definitely request it to our christmas party. I hope you can post more christmas games. Thank you for giving this. Now, I must convince them to play it and I will buy the materials. I am so excited to it!

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LOL. These are great ideas and very throwback! Should share this post with my friends for throwback Thursday. 5 More Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids to Play

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