Would you keep a rodent for a pet?

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Would you keep a rodent for a pet?

We all have our special preference to what pets we want to keep. Some of us are simple like myself and others. We like to keep dogs in my family like most people. Some people go as far as having monkeys or snakes as pets. Very few people and i could be wrong keep mice and other rodents. What about the largest rodent in the world? The Capybara is probably the craziest animal anyone would keep in the house.

Here is a video of a lady who sleeps, swims, and eats with the largest rodent in the world!

Looks like a giant gopher? to me and i dont think i would keep it as a pet. These things have sharp teeth like any other small gerbel or rat. The thing is they are 10 times the size and they could probably eat you pretty easily. some people in the comments mention that people raise these on farms and eat them. I dont think i would eat them either buahahaha! What do you guys think about this?
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Wow! That woman must be crazy to keep a rodent like that! If I saw anything like that I would be truly scared, she is one brave lady for keeping something like that. I have on a few occasions had mice and also a rat in my home a while back. The most recent was a rat a few years ago we believe came in through an open door and ran to hide in the house, I didn't know anything about it until my cat became overly keen on one area of the home which worried me, it was then I heard scratting and at one point walked through into a room and came face to face with the thing, scared me half to death. We ended up getting traps and eventually caught it but the size of it was huge! I could never keep anything like that as a pet ever and would think anyone that did was crazy!

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wow jkeyz! you have got some interesting posts today!! so this thing is weird looking, remind me of a gopher guinea pig mix....on steroids! i have never even heard or seen this animal before! some people have their preferences of what kind of pets they want to get close too and alot of people have some interesting choices!!

growing up i had a few dogs, but one of my first pets were hamsters. and im pretty sure they are part of the rodent family. I have had my share of hamsters and dwarf hamsters throughout my younger years. i had a pair of dwarf hamsters that i named Chip and Dale! they were so cute. i loved them! they were small, like half the size of a regular sized hamster! my mom was never a happy camper when i wanted these things! she always told me that if they got out of their cages (like escaped the cage, i was allowed to take them out to play) that i would never be able to get them again. LOL hamsters reminded my mom of mice and she did not like mice and they freaked her out. WELL, lets just say her fear came to life. i had a pair of regular sized hamsters and i cleaned out their cage one day and left one of their doors open by accident and they escaped. MY MOM FREAKED! we ended up finding one pretty easily and the other was my moms room! she almost had an attack HAHA after we found it and got them both back into the cage, she wouldn't even sleep in her room!! it was pretty comical, and lets just say that was the last time she ever got me hamsters!!! LOL

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I'd eat it! LOL There's not much I wont eat! I think this animal looks really funny haha. It does look like a giant hamster or a gerbil or a beaver that was caught in a nuclear radiation experiment or accident and has grown to phenomenal sizes! It looks to be quite a loving kind of animal to be fair. And most animals of this size can be if they are shown love and kindness from a puppy. If that's what you call a baby Capybara!

But this is not as bad as some of the animals that people can keep as pets. From lions and tigers. From stick insects to possums! From hissing cockroaches to tarantulas and even scorpions. Yes! People keep scorpions as pets. From hedgehogs to foxes to wallabies! There is no end of strange non-domestic animal that people will keep as a pet to satisfy their need for being different and strange.

Here's something funny, the other day, in my busy city center, I saw a woman walking a cat around on a leash! It just didn't look right. Cats aren't supposed to be on leashes. Dogs yes, cats no lol.

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My my my. Would you look at that giant rodent. x.x I don't think I can keep a rodent as a pet. But why does it look so.. cute lol. And they have sharp nails!! How can you even trim those without them biting or clawing you. Kudos to her though. That is really a massive rodent. Never seen anything like it. And why does it always look so sleepy. Would you keep a rodent for a pet?

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Well I'm from Venezuela, and yes Capibara is a common animal here, but in the wild. We don't have them as pets, or at least not that I knew, until now. I can't believe how big is that rodent, I haven't seen one that size, not even in the wild. And, is domesticated, usually they can't be like that. Wow! Seriously I'm shocked. Based on that experience, they seem to be good pets, but in the end they are still rodents, so they will feel the need to use their sharp teeth and claws. So, not very sure to have one as a pet, specially in my small apartment. Anyway that is a great story and post. Totally love it.

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I doubt I will do so. I am having my hands full with my 3 fur buddies. They are pretty great dogs and I would not have time to take care of extra pets for now. I am fine with having rodents as pets in the future maybe.

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That rodent looks so cute, but I doubt if I could handle having one rodent as a pet. Having watched the video they do look so adorable, but why look so big and heavy. They can even swim underneath, and I find it amazing.

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I'm more traditional so I probably would just get a cat or a dog instead if I were to get a pet. I don't think I'd connect all that much with a rodent since I never really had any particular interest in them. I suppose if I were to receive one and was forced to take care of it, eventually, I would grow more familiar and fond with it, and maybe then I will have a better attraction towards rodents, but as of now I think I'll just stick to cats and dogs instead. Even when I watch Youtube videos it's always about cats and dogs and I don't think I've ever looked up any rodent videos, so I don't think I will ever be interested in them.

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Well I think a capybara is a pet that is too big for me to have in my house! I don't have anything against rodents though and I once had a hamster. They are cute, I like mice and rats too but the problem with them is that they bite everything they see so it's not safe to let them close to any cables and electronic devices.

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No I wouldn't think of keeping a rodent as a pet, in fact the only pet animal that I would be able to keep is a dog, nothing more and nothing less.

Sometimes I wonder how possible and comfortable one feels by keeping rodents as a pet. Personally to me it's a disgusting act and I won't even be comfortable staying around such person living with a rodent pet or even to eat with such person, God forbid I will puke immediately.

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While they look good to keep as a pet, my like for them does not reach the level of keeping one as a pet. I believe it's a lot of work to keep them healthy and clean. And also to keep my house clean. I good with the cats and dogs. They are the best pets there is. But hey, if you find comfort in taking care of rodents, then good for you. Just don't forget to know how to properly take good care of these animals.

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Rodents from a pet shop or breeder are fine to keep. Mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchilla's, etc. You don't wanna go snatching up rodents off the street though or out of the woods or anything. They could carry disease or in the case of field mice, not be very domesticated. Thus all kinds of problems could arise. However for some people, it's not about the cleanliness or environmental-readiness of the animal. Rodents like bugs, just make their flesh crawl and give them an uncomfortable feeling.

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For me it's a no. I'll keep dogs and cats as my pet. I think it's hard to make rodents as a pet. And for me, rodents must stay where they belong, in the forest. But people want to be not the same with anyone. So they find something new.

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You just said my mind.I have dogs and puppies as pets now thinking about getting a cat very soon.The previous got stolen and I feel reluctant to get one but I love kitten than big cats. For now, I will only restrict myself to keeping dogs, cats and maybe parrots for pets for rodents no way.

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I have had hamster and guinea pigs before and they always manage to get sick and then I have to take them to the vet and pay hundreds of dollars on a animal that I spent less than $20 to but it. One of my guinea pigs was pregnant and she was too old to have babies and her pelvis molded together and she had to have a csection and this was 15+ years ago and it cost me $450. Ever since then I told myself no more rodents.

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