Cliffside homes would you live in one?

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Cliffside homes would you live in one?

I have seen so many homes in my lifetime on TV and in person. You cant imagine some of the things i find that people are doing when it comes to home innovation. Here in the USA and all over the world architects are finding new ways to build homes giving them a whole new meaning. I have seen everything from boat homes to plane homes but something i haven't seen to often is cliff side homes.

Check some of these homes out:

Cliffside homes would you live in one?Cliffside homes would you live in one?Cliffside homes would you live in one?Cliffside homes would you live in one?

This is just some examples of what you can get. These homes are lovely and amazing but are they safe? I wonder how long do they last? How dangerous could a homes like this be in an earthquake? These are all questions that come to mind when seeing a home like this. As much as i love the views these homes offer i don't think i would ever live in one. What about you? Do you think you could live in one of these?

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OMG amazing homes! Yes! I would absolutely live in one of these. They are just as safe as houses anywhere else right? I mean, obviously living on a cliff so close to the sea like that would mean you'd brunt the full effect of any large storms, wind, waves, stones and pebbles etc flying around. Near where I live there is a Caravan Park that hugs the edge of what is a corroding coastline. And during one really stormy winter there was a massive storm that whisked up some massive waves and with strong wind, and a pebble stone beach, it literally smashed many of the caravans to pieces, windows smashed, holes through it like the army had been using it for target practice! So during a really big storm, your home would be at risk of getting smashed and coming loose at the foundations and crashing into the sea, and you with it!

Obviously during a really big storm you wouldn't stay there lol, maybe. Anyone that can afford to buy, build and live in a home like that would inevitably have another home and that would be one of their holiday homes. But come on! Just look at them and look at where it's located and the views! You don't get to see views like that living in a built up area like in the city away from the coastline.

When the weather is nice and calm, as it is all year round mostly in some places you could stay there. But when it's really bad you would stay in your other main home. And sure, an earthquake could happen and the whole thing could go crashing down into the ocean. Sure! But you can't live like that. You could walk out of your house tomorrow and get hit by a falling satellite but you can't let that stop you from going out! You have to step outside of your comfort zone. You have to live a little as they say and take risks to get the gains.

I think that last house is stupid though. No guard rail on a drop that high above concrete?

That's just ignorant lol

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OMG! these are pretty amazing houses but i don't know if i could ever live in any of those! LOL i love having a nice view from my house. we have a pretty decent view of the mountains where we live now!
how does your house not fall off of those cliffs? what about earthquakes like you said or even tornados? you definitely wont catch me in any of those kind of houses!

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They look like art pieces for sightseeing but not practical for making them as homes for living. Having said that there could be people who want to go off the beaten track may opt for them. Anything to be different is what some believe in and here they have that opportunity.

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Second one looks okay but the others, hard pass. In general I'm not a fan of country living as I was born and raised in the city. Everything I need is here. I have no reason to move into the sticks, no matter how beautiful the home is. I also imagine you wouldn't have many neighbors out there either so you'd better have a wife, fiance, serious girl or boyfriend, or a large family to keep you company. Otherwise, you'd go crazy like Norman Bates in Psycho.

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Never, I would never dare think of living in such a house or to actually go to procure that kind of house as home. I value my life more than anything in this world, so therefore I won't be putting myself in such house risk by living in such place.

There are lots of things to consider in living in such house, the ability to swim, cold, and even isolation because I believe not many people are inclined to residing in such setting, it would only be considered by the crazy and twisted few which I'm certainly not among.

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Building house in cliffside is amazing. You can have an instant view in the environment. But for me, I think it's hard. Because what if the cliff destroyed? So it is safe to build houses in land but it is depend on people who wants to live there.

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This is such a very dangerous way of housing. There are lots of space why to choose those in cliff side? I think people who choose wants an extreme experience of way of living. I know we have own reasons why we do weird things but the important is our safety because we well never know when will disaster or accidents come.

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It's not that I want to, but I'm actually scared of heights and having a house hanged on the cliffs are probably my deepest fear. It actually looks cool and definitely a bad ass looking house, but I can't really live there and it sucks to not live there.

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