Drake drop his album in December will you buy it?

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Drake drop his album in December will you buy it?

Hip Hop has graduated into pop, rock, and other genres of music. In order to go global in todays market you have to be diverse with your music. So many albums come out in December of 2016 but im here to talk about Drakes. Drake is probably the most popular rapper today and he also knows how to sell albums MILLIONS of them. His last album "Views" Sold over 850,000 his first week. He broke platinum which is 1 Million records before 2 weeks was over. Drake is a pop icon and he will continue to do well i think his next album should be good.

Would i buy his album? I would have to say no to this. Even though i chose to write about him and i have listened to his music in the past i think he is getting over played. He has good records for the club scene and some good chill out music but im ready for a fresh face. What do you think? Would you buy his album?

Check out his latest hit with French Montana:

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probably not either. i feel like buying an album is played out. everybody is downloading their music to their phones and even playing their music from their phones in their car with an AUX cord. the only CDs i have are from when i was a teenager and used to walk around with my little portable skip proof cd player! =0 Drake's image just isnt what it used to be, like what's with the beard bro? although it is edged up nice but he used to be more clean shaven. Drake makes club hits and songs you can really dance to and every single women seems to drool over him...(except me) lmao!

He did very well on his last album and im sure he will do just as well if not better with this new album.....he is Drake i dont think he will ever fade out, hes a crowd pleaser. LOL thanks for the update on the music world jkeyz!

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Well then so now you are trying to make me feel old huh? I see what is going on here buahahhaa! Drake is a pop legend and a global icon really he is the biggest thing since sliced bread. People still buy albums they just buy them and listen to them from the phone like you said. I had the CD player too but i also had the water proof walkman it was yellow and bright and it was perfect for those rainy days. I had so many tapes of DJ clue and and so many other it was insane. Growing up with older siblings i was into all kinds of music. Drake has had alot of years of success its only a matter of time before he crashes and burns. Jay-z still has the longest run in Hip Hop as an artist. LL Cool J is the other one but you know this already buhahahah!

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Yeah, I'll buy his album. Then I'll shine the CD real nicely...then stick it up his candy @**. Kidding. Not really a Drake fan. I'd rather buy an old album from Eminem or Tupac. Or just download it for free.

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Maybe, he is good. I MAY TRY BUYING HIS ALBUM

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I really love music so much that I do virtually almost all that I do while listening to music. Even at this particular moment of typing this post, I am listening to a music using my earpiece. The song that I am actually listening to now is "Elastic Heart" by Sia.

Although there are some musicians I don't enjoy their songs, Drake happens to be among them. His songs doesn't move me and as a result of that I could easily careless if he release any new songs. I have tried forcing myself to listen and appreciate his songs like this particular one "Hotline Bling" but all to no avail.

I am aware he has got a good number of fan base but truthfully, I am not among such persons. But I do wish him well in his endeavors. I am quite certain he is well talented.

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People these days buy albums off amazon and download the tracks to their device to take it with them. I had no idea physical CD's were even still being sold. Anyways, I like Drake well, most of his early stuff. His music now seems a bit too commercialized for me. Looks like he's falling off a bit but as rappers age that happens. Their goals and views on life change due to their experiences. Sometimes they go soft, or more positive. Not to mention the audience they once had sometimes strays away from them as they themselves age, or endure changes in their lives.

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I am an avid listener of his songs and a fan too but not to the extent that i will buy his albums. Why to buy if there is free. You can download his songs over the internet which will not cost you money but if you want to support him earn from his album you will literally buy his album. He is one of singer who became popular in just a months of song releasing, I love listening his music and his songs is in my playlist.

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I would probably buy drakes album, I think all of his albums are lit but every year there must be some changes. And I probably see the changes that some people would usually liked. Drakes music is not just some hip-hop or rap jam thing but also it has strong messages which most people will relate to.

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Honestly, I don't buy any physical records (CD), or online since way too long. And it's not because I'm streaming, but because I only buy records from very specific artists. Let's say I only have the ones from my favorites of favorites. For example, I'm not going to buy Drake's record, because I know I won't like all the tracks, maybe half of it. But I will definitively have any record by Madonna, because I know I will enjoy it all again and again and again.

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I'm really a Drake fan,he can't do wrong in my eyes,so I will definitely buys his album or songs. I'm that loyal.

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I like French Montana especially in remixes. However I adore drake. His music is amazing. I like that it is Rnb with a twist of rap and a touch of pop. When I first heard his music I was like what rubbish is this?He is actually an acquired taste and eventually an addiction.I have all his albums. He provides the perfect entertainment, especially his ongoing drama with Rihanna. Such a cute couple! Not!

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